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Fabrice Lavergne

CEO of the Pavillon Group

2009 | Fabrice LAVERGNE and his sister Virginie LAVERGNE took over the Familial Company, animated by the devouring passion of their profession.

The Pavillon Group has managed to grow and become a reference by diversifying intelligently in the hospitality & catering sectors, while maintaining and developing its core business in which it excels: The Catering.

Fabrice LAVERGNE is in charge of the day-to-day business and development:

‘’I’am very proud to be azureen and to live in this setting of the world, where since the end of the 30s, my family has evolved successfully in the trades of gastronomy’’.

Fabrice Lavergne, PDG du Groupe Pavillon
L'histoire du Groupe Pavillon

the Group

Welcome in the world of Pavillon Group…
A family company proud of its roots…

All started in 1929 in Paris, with the opening of a brewery, by the Great Parents of Virginie and Fabrice LAVERGNE, lovers of the traditions of our beautiful country, France.
Four generations of bakers, restorers and caterers working between Paris and the French Riviera succeed each other. Quality, passion, love and the know-how become the keystone of the family company.
The LAVERGNE company is sustainable and the great grandchildren, proud of their heritage, brilliantly breathe new life into the family business while keeping the tradition and elegance of French gastronomy at heart.

The Pavillon Group is then created and shines throughout the French Riviera!
The story continues to be written every day with the following thread: ‘’to offer an exceptional service to its customers by transmitting its art of French living’’.

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